Friday, January 30, 2015

Birthday all week.


One thing I like about Dru is that he is so extremely excellent about gifts to me. I feel so spoiled. So every day he’s come home from work with a present for me. But this gift below was something we picked up on my birthday night. We hit a lovely big sale at that store I can’t remember the name of but shares a parking lot with the Central Mall. Pretties 2


This beautiful coffee drink was made with the white chocolate coffee syrup that Dru bought me—as a birthday present. I used it for a cold coffee drink this morning and it was also lovely. Isn’t he nice? The coffee mug was a Christmas present over a year ago and is also special to me.

Pretties 21

This is a rabbit. Maybe she was a bit unnecessary. But she’s good for the children. Read about her below. Straight from my journal. If you can decipher it, that is.

IMG_1594 IMG_1595  

Now, will someone at the Lattin household please be sure that Mama sees this post? Like, soon?

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  1. Name it Rabbit! for the first day of the month, not the animal. Reminds me of a story Dawn told me this morning. When her brother Hans, who is a shy boy, visited Daytans for the first time, the family dog walked in with him to the kitchen where Judy greeted them with, "Hans, you get outta here." She was addressing the dog who happened to have the same name. Hans got her back when he got his own dog. He named her Judy. Of course, you can hear Judy's laughter. And see Hans discomfort until he understands.