Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Redeemed

With having babies sick the whole week before Christmas, I felt like I really had to look hard to find much Christmas spirit within me. On Sunday evening though, we had a Christmas party. Alas, I have no pictures and will have to get them from Heidi. I came close to telling Dru several times that I just wasn’t up to hosting a Christmas party, but it felt like that would be giving up altogether, so we pushed through. My house was dirty but no one seemed to mind. And they even put up with me doing some Christmas decorating and pretzel chocolating while they were all here. I decided that I WOULD decorate cookies this year! So I did.

Here are a bunch of pictures…most of them post Christmas.


These first pictures are pre-Christmas. Above, Jube washing dishes, perched precariously on the edge of the sink.


Havilah came with us to the Mall one evening before Christmas to do some last minute shopping. Jube stayed with Mae Wahn.




The white blobs are marshmallow on spoon shaped pop-sickle sticks. I dipped them in chocolate and drizzled them in white chocolate. Kinda good.


On Monday afternoon Jube and I did some more chocolate stuff. Suddenly I realized that Jube’s nose was not running and that he was happy. It was as though I got my life back! Amazing!


The cow has a hat on.


A nap before we went to the Mall, this time just to take pictures just for fun. This was last night.


Pictures with the elephants. Jube loved it.



Jube said it was too heavy to pick up. He tried though!


When we got to this part of the photo shoot, there was another guy trying to take pictures or our adorable chillens too.


I think she’s pretty sweet.


Big hat.


There are more pictures that should be posted of Christmas Day, Etc. Later. Dru will probably post some of them over on our family blog.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

There that was cheery enough. Now I will proceed to tell you that on this particular Christmas Eve Day, we're feeling kinda Grinch-like. Being sick at Christmas time is not the thing to be. Dru woke up feeling worse than he wanted to admit, I think. Right now he's laying on the bean bag. Jube is whiny, snotty, and emotionally unstable all around. So I feel a little un-Christmassy today.

But, I'm going to put the whole family down for official nap time--except for me. Then I'm going to turn on some music and tidy my house and have some quiet time and fold the laundry and wash a small load of laundry and be happy that I'm so rich with a good man and an awesome God and two nice children. I'm going to finish making the cookies and then make a nice soup and biscuits for supper. And then we are going to have a nice little family Christmas gift exchange tonight.

And tomorrow we may or may not have a Christmas party here, depending on how everyone feels around here. Maybe we'll get snowed in and won't have one because no one can make it on the roads. Wait, I'm in Thailand. Scratch that.

Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jube and His Cookie



I took this very good picture of Jube (if I may say so myself) and Dru said, “You, brat!” Which is what he says when I take a picture of Jube that he likes but I took rather than him. Nonetheless, he still found it necessary to edit for me. (I’m still deciding if I like it better this way or not.  I think it’s better.

Now, about the cookie. It’s this recipe…click through to the recipe, but we must give credit to Pinterest for finding it for me. Anyway, it’s a very nice cookie and I actually like it, but alas, it didn’t turn out as a roll out cookie for me. It ended up being a drop cookie that I spread out with my finger a bit before baking. I need to try the recipe again to see if it was me or the recipe that has problems. But anyway, anybody have a good recipe that rolls out and tastes good for the Christmas season?