Friday, April 22, 2011

Jube is playing with a blue balloon, wearing only his pamper. It's eight o'clock in the morning and the fan running feels nice. Humidity is at 83% according to google. Dru's at his desk for now but because he's fasting today, I asked him to study in the A/C when it gets hot. He'll feel better that way.
In my last post I was sad because the elephant camp excursion was going to have to be cancelled. Now we have a newer car. It needed an alignment and some other odds and ends so we haven't truly been able to use it but it's supposed to be back to us by Saturday. I'm very tickled about this vehicle. After much praying, talking, etc.,we decided to go ahead with it. It was a very big confirmation for Dru to talk to the mechanic who knew the car the other day and hear him tell us that it's a good car and she's giving us a good price on it. So praise the Lord, we have wheals.
More than just two in fact. It will be nice to have something besides the motorbike for our family trips. The other day we ended up at Meae Wahn's after needing to consult the bank on her side of the city. Jube stayed with her and we went out for supper. And then, in the middle of April, (this is a very odd hot season) we had a lovely delicious rain storm. Alas, we were stuck in it. Only we weren't because Dru went down to IGo and borrowed some rain coats. It wasn't raining when we left and Jube snuggled down between us and went to sleep. Then it did begin to rain again and by the time we were home we were glad for the rain coats. I was glad Jube slept through it. Oh, but I didn't mention that on the way home were nearly ran off the road by a car. Wet roads, two babies, and motorbikes aren't the best combination--so thankful for that car!
We have company for breakfast tomorrow. Thai friends. The Thai eat rice soup for breakfast. I don't know how to make it and it's a soup of many different oddities that I don't generally consider breakfast what are we going to feed our friends for breakfast?
Oh, yeah, that's what I came on here look for inspiration for breakfast tomorrow...
And then I need to go clean upstairs because it needs it and because I can't find my iron pills...