Friday, August 12, 2016

Let's play a table game...

Actually, as a general rule, I'm not much into table games. So I'm making one up that I think I'll enjoy much more. Here is my table. I'll tell you about it. Then you tell me about yours.

First off, the flowers are from my man because today is Thai Mother's Day. He also brought pizza home for supper.

The napkins I've collected over the years. I like cloth napkins. The silver napkin rings I found at a second hand store. Same as two of the cloth napkins and the bird cage.

The bird cage I've been threatening to paint white ever since I bought it but haven't done so yet.

Inside the bird cage are dried flowers from my mothers garden far far away in America. I have a collection of them, but am running out. They make me all happy and nostalgic. It's my mom who taught me about pretty tables. Go on over the Stone House Scribblings and you won't browse for long before you see one of hers.

The little yellow bird is from my sister Francis. I treasure it. Francis is one of my biggest prayer warriors as well.

The candle I bought at Hobby Lobby last time I was in the States.

My cousin Lorinda sent the JOY wall decor over with Joelle. For now it's on my table. Some days joy is a decision, and that's the truth! Thank you Lorinda. One day, if I ever get a chance I would love to sit down and have a lovely visit with you and pick your brain about motherhood, marriage, and life in general. You once wrote me a lovely email in response a blog I'd written. It meant a lot to me and I still remember how it spoke wisdom to me in such a good way. Thank you.

Last but not least is the little dish of sea shells and star fish. It was found on the beach last Sunday. A rain storm was whipping into Naratiwat that evening but I said I had to put my feet in the water. So they let me. Dru and Rennie came too, but ran for cover when the rain started coming. Dru had told me to collect some shells for the children. The sand stung my skin as the wind whipped it up from the beach. The rain started falling. I realized I really would have to retreat to the truck. But I still needed the shells for Jube and Havilah. I was so tickled and happy to find those three star fish as well. I could have stood on that beach and just let the rain soak me through and the sand sting my face and arms until it was over. Someday I will. I'll stand in the warm driving rain on the ocean beach while the sand zings about and the waves bring in treasures of shells and starfish--and know that God is big and I'm in his care. Because that's what I felt that day on the beach. I left very reluctantly.

So what are the stories on your table?


  1. Right now my table is bare. I have a climbing toddler, a first grader, and a preschooler. Homeschooling in a small house means I need to maximize my spaces. Someday I will do pretty tablescapes again. For now, I enjoy other people's.

  2. I have a natural cotton cloth, a little red decor pickup, and a candle. I need flowers yet. We're going to the lake tonight though, so I'll pick some wild flowers.

  3. My table story is this. We have a pine plank table with a live edge and log legs these days. This is not my forever table but it fits us and the stonehouse for now. On it is a very small Haitian fishnet doily with a fading bouquet of zinnia and gladolia in a green jar. There is also a bright red metal hot plate sitting there that I like to look at. The table comes from where I work. It's a salvaged table that had carpenter ants once long ago. The flowers are from the circle garden that Amy and I planted this spring. I really enjoyed Kristine's table story on FB, too. You girls are doing better about having nostalgic things on your tables. I am here alone this evening. Maybe I'll go change out my centerpiece for something more meaningful just because you all did. I liked Charlotte's FB story too. Lisl, you ought to copy and paste them to comments here so that the stories are altogether. Love you.

    1. Wait, Charlotte s story is right here. Oh well.

  4. Can we not get pictures in this comment block? Bummer. I'd like to SEE!

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