Friday, June 3, 2011

What I Did to Charlotte's Blueberry Muffins

I totally "mangoed" them. But they were good that way! I have mangoes on hand right now, not blueberries. And I replaced about a cup and a third of the flour with blended oatmeal. Did you notice that the recipe doesn't call for salt. And why unsalted butter on top of that. I found that interresting. I did use salted butter, and Dru, who notices a lack of salt, said that they were good with just that bit of salt.

I didn't skip the sugar topping on them.

They were really crumbly. They didn't really come out in one piece. I think that was because of the oatmeal rather than flour. We rather liked the texture that the oatmeal added though. So I should use muffin papers next time? Or how can I fix that?

Anyway, I had fun with them.

On another note, I had a really good week as far as the pregnancy. The baby is due the end of the month and it feels as though I've finally entered that magical second trimester where everything is supposed to get better--but it didn't for me.

The tooth is now yanked so I'm fine that way now too. On Sunday I began to be suspicious that the pain wasn't just going to go away and by Tuesday I told Dru I had to have something done that day if possible. He took me to the dentist that evening and she put me on amoxicilian and said if we could get the infection taken care of maybe we could wait to take care of the tooth (by way of root canal) after the baby was out.

The next day she called me to see how I was doing. I wasn't doing that good. So she said if I could get in by six that night they'd do something emergency for me. She even got the dentist who was usually off duty on staff for the night. He appologized for his appearance when we saw him. He wasn't dressed in the usual doctor togs. The root canal doctor said it was hopeless to keep the tooth. So he left and another dentist came in (the one who wasn't supposed to be there) and pulled it--or most of it. It broke off in the bone. He didn't know what to do with the thing without using the drill. So the first dentist came back in (the lady from the night before) and poked around and said they'd definately have to use the drill. But they didn't want to cause trauma for the baby. But as she looked at it she said they might try it if we didn't mind, just a bit. So they drilled and picked and dug. They got it out and I'm left with a cave in my mouth. It feels so much better. I didn't want a root canal very bad anyway so was quite relieved when he said it was hopeless to keep the tooth. I broke the stich on a carrot I think...but it's all good.