Thursday, February 11, 2010

Outta Here...

Because of our present visa situation, which I'd rather not go into detail about, we're having to make a run to Laos to apply for proper visa-ship. (It's complicated, trust me!) We're leaving at 8 o'clock tonight and getting to a city who's name I don't know how to spell. From there we have another 3 hours to our destination if I am correct. So keep us in your prayers as we globe trot this weekend.

This trip was unexpected but it's forced vacation as well and I'm thankful for that. We'll be gone right over valentines, so it will be a special way to celebrate. Our anniversary is this weekend, or would be if it were leap year, so we'll probably call this our anniversary celebration as well.

Yes, it's an unexpected expense but it seems to be necessary at this point in our lives. It means a little longer to wait for a car, but God knows that. He will continue to protect our going out and our coming in.

God bless you all this weekend!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baby Question

Have any of you ever had a baby who didn't like to take naps? Jube will sleep for a half hour at a time, but wake up and spend a lot of time being fussy. Today was a bad day for it. Can't blame it on what I'm eating 'cause I watched that pretty close in the last 24 hours. Is this a discipline issue? On the days that he will sleep well he is ever so much sweeter! But those days only come once or twice a week. Ideas? I'm learning to work around it's not like he's constantly crying--but sometimes he is just plain grouchy and will not go to sleep easily.

Monday, February 1, 2010


I was going to post pictures of my birthday, but procrastinated and alas, now my computer is on the fritz so I have to wait until my man can either fix it or get the data off of it so that I can upload pics. Unless I scrounge around and get them off of all of the camera cards again, which I dont think I want to do at this point. so the man has the net book and the wife has the mans old dino and the old dino doesnt have a shift key on the left side. Not one that works anyway.

there in lies the excuse concerning the pictures I said I was going to post...for those of you who wondered over from face book looking for them.

so just for a few random rambles to let you know what were up to right now anyway... drus on the other side of the city for the day with language study and etc. He picked up our package from his family at the post office while he was at it and had to pay 1500 baht to do so...I dont know why and if you want to know how much that is go to google and ask because Im not sure exactly. I think about 45 dollars? that seems a bit better go look it up yourself. anyway, and after hes done with teaching the children tonight, hes going to go inspect a very nice little house that we would love to rent if its possible if we end up moving. It has a lovely yard with a concrete wall all around it and two gates. He already found out what the monthly price for it was by asking chef (capitalize that in your mind because chef is a boys name) to make the first call. chef doesnt have that funny english accent and that stuttering for words effect that a farang might. and now that dru knows the price already the renter cant tell us its 2,000 baht more, or whatever, because were farangs. (It seems that my left shift key is also having issues.) He should be home around seven thirty and by then I shall be very very glad to see him.

Ive been spoiled, being a missionarys wife. Im more used to being with my man for twenty four hours of my day than not. we were cautioned about going on the mission field so soon after marriage but I think that it was the best thing that could have happened, considering our circumstances. Not that any of us knew that at the time, but looking back, Im grateful. Im loving married life. dru is really a wonderful man who spoils me rotten.

a little more about that. I married my friend. Ive been thinking about that a lot lately. Im so glad I married my friend. we can talk for hours because we like to be together. we dont get tired of hearing each other and listening to each other. we really care about each other because were best friends. so for all of you girls who arent married yet, I want to say, marry your friend. dont be waiting for some wonderful person to come riding into your life and sweep you off of your feet. Let your friend do that...someone who really cares. thats true romance. Im so glad the Lord showed me that1 (the one there is an exclamation point) He showed me that little by little until suddenly it really did happen...and the man who swept me off of my feet is still doing it. Please, please, marry your friend. (and Im not offended if you cant figure out how I could be in love with dru because hes mine anyway. I wont be swept off of my feet by your man either.)

and thats enough shift-keyless ramblings for today.