Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Not Broken

I'm out of the shower and sit down with my lotion bottle. Havilah climbs up beside me. "Too," she says. So I put a tiny dab of lotion on her hands. 
"Like this," I say. Rubbing the lotion on my hands together. "Now the cheeks." She rubs her little cheeks vigorously. "Neck." I say. She follows. We continue the routine until she remembers that Daddy and Jube are in the next room playing a game on Daddy's cell phone. As she runs out the door I ask her, "Did you get your feet?" 
"Yeah," she says. 
It's our girl time. I didn't realize that the fun would start so soon.

Havilah's down for her nap. Jube gets Mom to himself. He likes this. "Jube, we need to do some school work." He sits down with me at the table and we learn about the soft and hard g and c. Refresher for the mom. It's matching, it's easy, it's fun. From there we practice knowing the difference between a d and a b. It's fun until we get the the last three letters to write. Then it's suddenly hard. We finish the page and then sit down on the rocking chair to practice some simple reading. 
When that's done he says,"Now I want write my own words," So he writes three words and then lapses into drawing a picture of a fisherman on a boat catching a squid. 
We hang a load of laundry together. 
"Would you like a pbj for lunch?" I ask. "Yes, I love pbjs," he says. He also loves cookies with frosting and sprinkles. 
"You can go outside now and play with water. It's warm enough." He brings me a piece of paper. I'm to make a boat for him to float in water. "It won't last long you know. But you can try it." I tell him. 
"Okay Mom, I'll get out of your hair now," he says as he goes out the door. "You weren't in my hair," I tell him, "You're mine, and I love you." 

I am very deeply happy. Happy that, as far as I know, I will be able to have more children. More blue eyes and golden hair. I'm happy that I'm not broken. Something felt very twisted and ugly about being broken that way. I'm so thankful that that is cleared up. 

Just Random.

BOTH of my children went down for a nap at the SAME time. They are still sleeping. 

Jube got up at six this morning because something in his room disturbed him. He was wet so we put him in a pull-up and put him back in bed. "It's almost morning," I told him. "Stay in bed until I tell you to get up." He promptly peeked out of the window to see that the sky was getting light. "Oh, yes it is!" He said, clearly delighted by this discovery. He promptly laid down and stayed there, but didn't go back to sleep. I decided right then and there that this child was definitely going to have a nap today. 

Havilah is grouchy in the mornings these days. I think maybe she's still fighting that flu thing. She's had diarrhea for a very long time now. Time to push the yogurt and such-like. But she should wake up happy. Afternoons are usually more happy than mornings for her. 

Today the sunshine is very shiney today and I'm doing laundry. Five loads of it and most of them large. The last one is waiting to be hung out even as I sit here. However, the racks are full so I'll wait just a bit. Just a bit might actually be long enough. Laundry dries very fast these days. Especially since I took my whole laundry dry operation outside again. It was in here over rainy season because I do not like the dance in and out of the rain to try to get it dry. I have the room and a fan--drying it inside is much easier. But my laundry needed the sunshine and breeze so out it went. My dish towels are sunning themselves on the picnic table and benches in an attempt to rid themselves of mildew stains. Those that don't get clean enough are going into the trash. Casualties of wet season. Thankful for sunshine.

This is my favorite part of the year. Rain has rained itself out and the cold season is coming on. Lovely and delicious weather. 

And now they’re awake and here are some pictures and then I must run. These are random and miscellaneous off of Dru’s cell phone.


Bubble tea at the new mall. Or drawing pictures while we wait for it, that is.


Me and my goofy Jube.


Dru got me out of the house and up the mountain the day after I started with my second miscarriage. 

We just drove and drove and stopped a little. He asked about getting a babysitter that day, but I told him I needed my children. I love my babies tighter these days…


Havilah poking Jube mischievously.


They were so happy to get out of the car for a while.


And these two pictures were taken at the hot springs on a different outing.