Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3rd Post of Jube

I tried doing this collage no less than three times. Every time I did, the finished product had the captions messed up. Grrr...anyway, here it is. This happened one of those days when I needed something different for the dear bored child to do. So I found a watermelon in the kitchen. Ta-da! New toy!
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More Jube Stuff...

Out watching Daddy and Jo-jo clean up the yard. This was around seven in the morning. His pamper still wasn't changed for the morning even.
"This light is so cool. It's on Mom and Daddy's headboard and if I jerk on this little cord, it turns off and on. And there are these little dangley things that hang down in front of the bulb and are very fun to run a pen through because they dance wildly."
Devouring Dru's green bread. Yes it's green and no it's not moldy. I think it's just white bread with that green Thai custard stuff in it. It's actually pretty good. Dru likes it because it's different and tastes good. I'm sure it's not a bit healthy.

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Some Jube Stuff

Jube goes shopping. He needs to examine the groceries as they come into the cart. So all the damagable groceries must go where he ought to be. We've even taken to taking a blanket along for him to stand or sit on in the bottom of the cart. Before the first groceries come along, he stands and talks to all the people going by.
He takes after his dad. Electronics are facinating. Especially when they sing and vibrate, etc. Here he's helping Dru play monopoly. The other day he was playing with his dad's phone when they were both on the bean bag. Dru had the mp3 player playing on it and everytime it would stop, Jube would start to howl and cry like a spoiled child. My cellphone is losing it's charm because it doesn't sing as well and the screen doesn't have pretty colors, or light up, quite like Dad's.
New discovery! Stair steps! If he climbs them, someone is sure to chase him. (Giggle, giggle!) And if someone says, "No-no," he is sure to, "sob-sob-pout."
He made it all the way up this time! And Daddy's playing with him rather than hauling him down. He is learning to come down, by-the-way, but we're still working on it.
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