Monday, October 12, 2015

No Mad Dashing.

It’s not the kind of day wherein one madly dashes about doing things. It’s more the sort of day where you drink hot things and stare out the window at the chilly world out side and smile both inside and out. This weather is amazing. It is chilly. Like 70 degrees chilly. No fans running here today. I couldn’t stand just being inside this morning—so the children and I went on a walk with Aggie and her girls. Lovely misty fallish weather! I hope it lasts.

I suppose I should really sew a dress for Havilah today, but I just can’t seem to pull it out. I kind of missed my slot for that anyway. Rennie is awake from his nap now and right now he has a cold so is rather demanding. I can do that tomorrow, or the next day…or the next day…or…

My excitement is mounting as well as my trepidation. My husband bought me and Rennie airplane tickets. We leave to go visit family in the States this next Sunday at about midnight. Mostly I’m excited. In the evening hours when we’re tucking into bed, that’s when I really question the whole idea. Away from my man and two oldest for over two weeks. Can I do this? I hate going to bed without my man! But when the morning comes again, and I send e-mail to the friend who will be picking me up from the airport, I get all excited.

The primary reason for this visit is that my brother got married and I missed the wedding. It was at a bad time of the year for us. Terribly hard to miss but this is better anyway. I wouldn’t have gotten to know his girl over wedding time anyway. So I’m going home to catch up on what I’ve missed. This includes four new nieces. (And a nephew who lives in PA and I won’t get to meet. I’m sad about that.)And I get to show my mom and Dru’s, my own baby—who is nearly walking and getting into everything.


Including this fish pond. The neighbors took out the shrub that was there because it was damaged by caterpillars, and replaced it with the pond. May I say that I’m not overly impressed? Putting plants in front of it on my side helps a little…but as you can see, doesn’t totally take care of the problem.

So, anyway, I’m not madly dashing about getting ready to leave. I can start mad dashing tomorrow. I’m just enjoying this weather. I’m going to make a nice supper now and hope to have a lovely evening with my family.