Thursday, March 31, 2011

This Evening...

We got in the car to leave for the doctor's appointment and Dru ended up pushing it back down the road and up the driveway, back to our house. I think that was at least the third time that the car has done that to us on our way to a doctor's appointment. Needless to say, we are a bit upset about our car refusing to run and gobbling many dollars. Dru wonders why the mechanics won't just fix the thing, or tell us its days are over. I wonder why we don't just sell the thing for a few pennies and go without a car for a while until the Lord provides. He's provided and protected us three years so far and I'm sure he could do it again.
So we got out of the car, loaded on the motorbike, and set off again. (I don't know if I can fully explain the atmosphere that surrounds us after finding our car STILL doesn't work after being at the mechanic's AGAIN. It wasn't too bad this time so maybe we're getting used to the car.) We were out on the highway when Dru patted all his pockets and found he didn't have his wallet. Back we went again.
A half hour late, we arrived at the clinic. This is actually not such a bad thing in this country. I was able to almost walk right into the doctor's office without a wait. I'm fat enough for Dr. Supriya's satisfaction. I don't have a yeast infection. She gave me an iron supplement. We had a very long time in there, things just took awhile with talking and all. Oh, and I got the dreaded Rhogam shot. It was very expensive. Poor Dru.
He was still pondering the expensive shot, and the dud car when we decided that we needed to buy some groceries on the trip home. So we stopped at Carrefour. And we found some State side brand baby clothes and bought some for our new baby. Three pieces. And this put me in shoppy-browsy happy mood. Until we got upstairs.
Upstairs we went to buy bread and something about Dru putting that dreadful green bread into the cart made me a bit grouchy for the rest of the night. Green bread is a variety of white bread but they put something in it that makes it green and really it tastes okay, but I was thinking thoughts about iron supplements and the effects of white bread on the digestive system. He got me another sort too, cheap, but not as white.
I was still rather browsy though. Dru actually entered into the spirit of things when I told him I wanted a small match box style airplane for Jube. I figured I could find one for about fifty bought somewhere. Can you believe it, they want like 3 times that much for something that size but plastic. I was not impressed. So, although Jube was disappointed, we had to leave all the little airplanes behind. We'll go to the market and find one for much cheaper and possibly better.
And then we came home and I had a glass of orange juice and a piece of pizza.
Also today I went to the ladies' meeting at Joyce's and we had company for lunch in Chef's honor--a pizza party. So I am tired.
We talked to Mae Wahn about going with us to the Elephant Camp. We said we were going to go unless I wasn't feeling well. Now with the car dead again...I guess the Elephant Camp will have to wait maybe. And I was looking forward to going the IGo Retreat next week with a car to drive all of our stuff there in...
Okay, now I must be off. Jube is looking at his animal book. Dru is on his phone. We're all sitting on the bed. We should all go to sleep.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life in Thailand Right Now

First I simply must mention our weird wonderful March weather. It's very odd to have a cool March but we have, for the most part, and some days were even cold. But I haven't heard anyone complain. I'm hoping this means that we get one less month of hot season than usual.
I heard an elephant this morning when I was out with Jube. We were adding dirt to my flower pots when I heard it trumpet. I didn't actually think he sounded very happy and he trumpeted several times. I told Dru we should go find him but he wasn't in the mood to "have to try to see an elephant with a whole bunch of people crowded around and then have to pay 100 baht to feed it." So he said we should go to the elephant camp this Saturday. Shall I hold him to it?
Doctor's appointment coming up tomorrow night. Honestly, she's not going to like the looks of me. She's going to say that I'm too small and want another ultrasound. I'm not concerned about that because she said that with Jube, too. And he was sufficiently large at birth to impress her. And she'll give me an iron supplement and calcium, which I will gratefully accept. And I have something else I need to talk to her about. But the baby is very alive and kicking--so if she can make it through this pregnancy I will too.
I'm loving Thai study right now believe it or not. My teacher is having me read children's stories and study out of them. And there I get my conversation, grammar, and vocab study. And I like children's literature anyway. I discovered I much prefer the way the Thai language handles the story of the fox and the crow. Dru's studying again with Pii Ang too and I do believe he's feeling pretty good about his language study in general right now.
I sat in on part of Dru's Sunday School class last Sunday. His communication skills are improving and I'm proud of him. When I get big I'm going to be able to speak Thai as well as he does. (Sunday School is always a lot of work and a big day for him though. Big days for both of us actually. Not exactly a day of rest if you know what I mean.)
Jube is fussy often off and on as his teeth come in. I rejoice in his happy times and I guess he copes fairly well with his misery. He's a very social being and very mom dependent. And how do you know how to deal with anger and defiance when he's also teething half the time too? All stuff that feels bigger than me. I told Dru that I'm thankful that God loves our son even more than we do.
Jube's starting to say a LITTLE bit more and he understands more and more everyday. If nothing else, I think he'll start talking when the baby comes, just so he knows he'll be heard. I'm afraid that we're going to be dealing with some jealousy issues in a few months here--just because he thinks that I am his personal property, etc. Already thinking about ways to help with that hump when it comes.
We found an oldish iron/wood picnic table and chairs the other day. Dru tightened down the bolts on it and we still need to do some refinishing of the wood on it, but I'm loving eating out there and Jube and I spend time out there with my Bible and his story books. So nice! I feel rich, with my rickety old lawn furniture. :)
Oh, and my rose bush has 10 buds on it right now. That makes me happy and makes me wonder if I should even try growing anything else. How dumb is that? Most things die when I touch them--or greatly suffer. My potted plants suffer when I forget to water them. And they get root bound...I divided my fern a year ago and now it's time to do it again. Is it within my power to keep some marigolds and petunias alive this next couple of months?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Prayer Request

We're in hot season and smog season here in the city. Dru never does well this time of year and this year it seems to be hitting me too, more than usual. Not sure how Jube is going to handle it yet.

I'm going to dig out the air purifier and we're hoping to get the newer A/C unit installed in Jube's bedroom, and get the old A/C units serviced. I'm hoping this will help cure our "hang-overs."

So those of you who pray for us, keep our health in mind right now. Dru's working on curriculum development and a clear head makes all the difference for doing computer work. Me, I'm pregnant and keeping up with that is enough. :)

Thanks so muchly!