Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday Morning Rambles...

Thailand, my dear friends, is still quite warm.  I'm looking forward to the day when it is cold in the mornings and remains that way for the majority of the day.  I have discovered that my baby sleeps better in the afternoons if I take him down to the A/C.  There I either take a nap with him, or Dru can keep an ear open for him while he works at the computer.  I can go back upstairs and work.

Dru is feeling quite positive about how his studies for classes, which start next week, are coming along.  Yesterday though he woke me from my nap to explain with some frustration that his computer was not keeping up and was locked up again.  He is a man who can set a record at how many computer pages and tabs, etc, he has to have open at once.  Right now he is down negotiating with one of the students.  His laptop is much like mine but crashed and Dru's hoping to buy it off of him and we'll put the two together and that will give us something to hobble along on.

After he woke me yesterday and told me that it was 2:30 already, I realized that the bread probably wouldn't get baked and I'd be lucky to get my dishes done.  But then Kathy and her girls came over and the girls swept my house and did my large stack of dishes while I made a rather large batch of bread.  Heather was rather amazed that my baby slept through the noise of the vacuum sweeper.  Sarah had just got back from a ministry trip and told us all about it--they had a really good time.  Kathy sat at my kitchen table.  Kathy, the dear lady, has some rather serious back pain these days.  Right now she limps about with the help of a purple cane.  

And then in the end Dru and I took
supper over for the Brownes so we all got to visit some more. Duff's are going to be going back to the states for a couple of months and I am not looking forward to their absence very much at all.  They've become family for us. 

My baby is much happier now that we both got the salad worked out of our systems.  The poor child.  I enjoyed it but I guess he didn't much.  He's a very good baby--but he's especially good when I don't eat lettuce and peppers.  So maybe, as Gabe suggested, I should stick to bananas.  I should be offended at Gabe's insinuation, but can't quite get that way.

My baby is about to go from wearing newborn clothing to the next size up.  He really is going to be a chunky little baby here pretty soon.  He's the cutest little boy there is, I promise.  But you all know all that already.  

And now I should stop rambling and go do my dishes.  There are ants in the sink and on the table.  Yeah, I still have ants.  But I also have bleach, ant poisoning, and ant spray.  I am generally victorious in the end.  They always revisit I suppose, but I've killed more of them then they have of me, if you  know what I mean.  

Okay, the baby is calling me.  Goodbye

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just a Tiny Post

Mom told me last night I should post.  I had thought about it already but I'm discovering that I don't feel as though I have a lot to post about at the moment.  So here's just a little update on my life right now:

The baby is doing very well.  After a month of being a family, we've all decided that we like it.  Dru was up with him for a while last night, but he settled--the baby that is, well then Dru did too I guess.  Like all babies, he sleeps a lot.  He's also becoming a little bit of a Mama baby, which I kind of get a kick out of right now.  

As a couple we're still thinking and praying and dreaming about direction for our future here.  Dru has a meeting with Val right now.  But we're not letting it bother us and we're learning to rest.  Dru's also studying to teach, and that starts next week.  So I have him at home all week which is really nice.

Finally, some pictures of my baby:

So that's my life right now.  I'm happy.  Who wouldn't be, with such a wonderful man and sweet baby?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Precious

He’s cute, if I may say so myself! Jubilant Dean Lattin. Seven pounds, fifteen ounces. And he’s all mine and I’m the only person in the world that he really cares about right now. That’s an amazing feeling. Okay, so he tolerates his dad as well—but I still like being his favorite person.

People like to say he smiles. It’s pretty adorable when he does but I’m strongly suspicious that his smiles are directly related to condition of his stomach. Grimaces, Dru calls them. Smiles or no, his facial expressions are fun. Even at one and a half weeks he has his own little personality.

Dru is eyeing the diaper stack that I accumulated from my baby shower with growing concern. He speaks of rationing diapers to three a day. I’m sure he’s secretly wishing that cloth diapers were an option. I’m so thankful to his mother-in-law for assuring him that they weren’t.

Nursing has gone really, really well for this first time mom and I just have to thank God. I did take a little bit to get the hang of it and I can’t say that everything is totally comfortable, but I’m not in pain, the baby’s healthy and getting his fill. So I have to thank God for that—and my mom; for praying.

Everything about my daily life has changed it seems. All of the changes are good, so far as I can tell. One of the biggest changes is myself. Not only is my tummy back down to almost the size it would normally be, I feel good about myself. I was afraid I’d never feel beautiful again, no matter how much Dru told me I was. I wondered if romance would ever be fun again. But everything’s much better now that Jubilant is here. Even my food tastes good again—I didn’t quite believe my mom when she told me it would again as soon as the baby was born. In fact, it’s like someone turned the light on in side of me. I think I like being a woman after all.

So I’m a mom in Thailand—far, far away from my home country and family. I miss home and family. Missing comes and goes. There are times when I am pretty sure I don’t want to live in Thailand anymore. But the other day, when I was thinking these sort of thoughts something suddenly occurred to me. I’d much rather be missing my family than my Dru! Every now and then I try to think through the scenario of what in the world I would have done if Dru'd never asked to marry me, how he'd have gone far, far away without me, and how I'd have ended up as a spinster forever—only usually my imagination can think of some creative way to hook us up, even if it is rather far fetched.

So I’m very happy right now. Happy for being able to feel like me again and happy for the two wonderful men in my life. Happy in the adventure my life seems to be turning out to be. Happy because God is good.