Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lots of Pictures


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Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Three Stories

These three right here. I had originally bought these books for my Thai study because they have both the Thai and English. But Jube has discovered them. So I'm reading them over and over. We have 9 of the 15 of them but I want to get them all and I hope there are more than that yet. They follow the Bible very closely and the I love the illustrations. Published by the Thailand Bible Society.

Anyway, Jube loves them and I read them over and over. And tonight something dawned on me. God loves to forgive! It's not that He's
obligated to. Forgiveness was his idea. Look at the last page of each one of the above stories:

This is the Prodigal Son. Only it's his older brother and his Dad talking about the party in the house.

This is Zacheaus and what Jesus had to say to him at the end of the story.

And this is Jesus taking to Peter about the story He just told about the unforgiving servant. This is the story about when Peter asked if seven times was enough to forgive. (Peter is always bald in these stories, I shall forever now think of him as bald, perhaps.) It seems his reply was a lot for Peter to swallow.

Anyway, that was my inspiration for the day.
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Our Morning Tea

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Catching Up…

These aren’t the best of our pictures from the last two months, I’m still missing the zoo pictures, the coffee shop pictures, and the KFC pictures—plus a few more. But here’s a start. The next installment will come when I get around to getting the other pictures off of Dru’s computer and on to mine.


Can you believe it? All I can seem to grow is this rose bush.


This is my sweet, cheesy, nice man.


Sniffing a flower takes a lot of effort.


Nong Dew brings him junk food all the time. This time it was ice cream.


Dru solicited Nong Dew’s help for some Thai project or other.


This was not my idea.


This must be an old picture. I can tell because we were out on the motor bike after dark and we’re not bundled way up. It’s cold out there this time of year after dark.


The rest of these pics are also old—most of them. Taken in November maybe.


Directing Traffic?


No, I don’t know why he’s prancing around in the middle of the road. His father took these pictures.


He loves pancakes.


Helping Daddy fix the toilet.


The idea of Jube on the seesaw with Titan gives me the willies. I think Titan views Jube as a threat to his kingdom. Jube is oblivious to this as of yet.


It turns out that these beasts were as curious about us as we were of them. Their owners were quite flattered that Dru wanted to take their picture.


I found this outside my door the other day.


This is Jube’s favorite book. I am SOO tired of it! We read this book and the little Thai/English Bible story books over and over and over. I don’t mind the Bible story books but I am getting tired of this book. At first all he wanted to see was the horses. We’d spend FOREVER on the horses. Then it was the pigs. And he’s fascinated by the rooster…

More pictures to come later.

Oh, btw, I am feeling a lot better. Dru told me last Sunday that I was 19 weeks along. I’m not really very fat yet. But she’s a kicker so I know she’s in there, safe and sound. I don’t think that this pregnancy is as healthy as the last—but I’m okay and keeping up. I was still nursing Jube fairly heavily when I got pregnant this time, so that might have set me back. However, he’s finished with me and has turned his affections to the bottle. Overall, he’s a very happy little boy.

He loves doing dishes, helping me bake, playing outside, reading his Farm book, visiting his Thai Grandmother, and playing with telephones. (Right now we’re at Mae Wahn’s and she’s just letting him play with her phone.) Oh, and he loves music. He loves to dance to it.

Dru’s busy this past month or so with a TESOL course. This week and next he’s gone every weekday evening. But I feel like we made it through quite gracefully in spite of my worries of missing him like crazy. I did miss him but I kept busy so that helped.

And now I’m off. See ya later!