Monday, February 11, 2013

On a Fading Monday

I’m pretty good at reading other blogs lately but updating my own just hasn't been happening. Here's a bit of my life.

           Jubilant does not want to be a big boy. He prefers “good little boy.” Being a big boy is not a good incentive for using the potty for all jobs. He doesn’t mind peeing. Pooping is a waste of his valuable play time. I decided that I’d spent enough emotional energy on it. I will change his poopy pull-ups and bite my tongue. However, he will not get any cake or ice cream, candy, or sweets, until he decides to truly be a good little boy.  This morning he wanted cake and ice cream. I told him to go poop so he could have some. So he did. At the right place. He had cake and ice cream midmorning. And praise and all that stuff. But he pooped in his pull up later on so there will be no desert for him at supper tonight.  Yes, he is old enough and aware enough to do better than this. I am his mom. I know. 
                Jube is ready to learn to read. He’s bored of his life right now and I think that’s part of the reason he’s struggling with his overall attitude.  Today I randomly chose, F is for Frog. He happly traced all the f’s and was proud of himself. He didn’t really care about coloring the frog. By the way, his f’s were pretty neat. We talked about the sounds that start a word. “P is for pig…etc.” His ear is good. He knows, although he stumbles every once in a great while. And after he was all done with this he went outside and played happily with Havilah until after lunch when I called them in for bathes and a nap. 

       Havilah didn’t want to take a nap. She’d had a short one in the morning but I knew she needed another one. (I am the mom, I know.) I tried to get her to sleep in the AC but she wouldn’t so I put the fan on her in her own crib. She protested, but she’s quiet now, so I know she’s asleep.

-          Havilah has a temper. Havilah needs training. And as silly as it sounds, it’s throwing me for a loop. Jube needs lots of firmness and encouragement. Havilah needs things a little more gentle. And I forget and hurt her feelings sometimes. I over react. Or I don’t do anything because, you know, she’s my baby. She will be a terror when number three comes along if I don’t get a grip. (No, there is no number three at this point.)
-          I found Dru’s flash drive in the grass this morning. The red one. The red is now faded from laying in the sunshine, for probably weeks. It had the very documents on it that he’d complained he was missing just an hour earlier. They were important to his school work and he’d have had to fetch them from someone else and it would have been rather inconvenient.  A God thing, I’m sure.

-          The temperature today rose just a tad above my comfort level.

-          Has anyone heard out of Rachel Zupke in the last week? Because we kind of miss her around here and haven’t heard anything out of her for over a week. I’m deciding not to worry about her because no news is good news, right? Did she get the backpack of goodies I sent down?

-          Oh, Rachel tuned up the violin good and it’s actually staying in tune. If only Dru had more time I think he’d actually play it more.

-          This weekend Dru will be gone to Hat Yaai for a seminar with Mike Stolzfus. He’ll be gone for two nights. But I’ve got the days full and I think I’ll be fine. Two weeks after that he’s wanting to help the Stolzfus’s move down, down, down, to the bottom of Thailand and he will drive and drive and drive and be gone for 4 nights or so.  And then after he gets home it will be a couple months of break. No more school. Hurray!

-          I put helmets on me, Jube, and Hallah, today, and then we drove around the neighborhood a bit just to see if we could. I wanted to see if I had wheels for sure when Dru is gone this weekend. It worked. I want to go over to Lia’s on Sunday. We will comfort each other in our temporary widowhood.

-          I’m putting effort into learning to cook Thai food. I always blow it first, once or twice, until I get it right. But I’m having fun and Dru helps me. (By rescuing the dish from mediocrity and adding things until it tastes right. No, this does not bother me at all and I’m rather proud of his abilities.)

Okay, I shall now go frantically fold laundry and make a grocery list because Dru will be home in forty-five minutes and we might go down to the market to do my weeks shopping of groceries.