Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Beginning of Christmas

     It is the beginning of Christmas. It’s chilly morning and evenings. Here my babies are bundled up on the bean bag with stories, waiting for breakfast. Jube meant to smile but sneezed instead. We thought it was a funny picture. Here is another one, it just wasn’t his morning for pictures
    The Christmas music is out. I’m enjoying it a lot this year. Anuna, Julie Andrews, and even a little Duck Dynasty. Oh dear, I didn’t just tell you that.
    Delighted babies, watching Dad work.
    I’d thought maybe we wouldn’t be putting this greenery up. It’s kind of a pain come clean up time…but here is Dru, putting it up.
    Havilah was very happy to be allowed to play with the leftover pie dough.
    This baked while we decorated. In the end we had to run off to the store and buy more lights. We had apple pie and ice cream when we got home. We put babies to bed and then I finished up while Dru did some studying.

   Mom, I wish you could see the blue better, but the pictures don’t do well after dark with the lights on. It is very beautiful and makes my heart happy.
Jonathan T. and Christmas reading
    And this is the Christmas Miracle of Jonathon Toomey being read to my children by me. Right next to the Christmas tree and an orange in a bowl. Oranges, Christmas stories, and a cozy place to sit next to the tree…yeah, it’s Christmas time!
And a last picture. Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thanksgiving and Before

First we start with before. This is snack mix on the lawn.
And then up the mountain to the coffee plantation.


In the car, drinking bubble tea, out in seek of adventure.

Coffee, quiet time, and cards for the grandmas. Did you get them yet?
Packing cookies for Mom.
Frogs like cookies too, Mom.
Dru washing dishes, the dear man.
Hydrangea for thanksgiving from my own yard.
The children’s table, Thanksgiving meal.
The big people, Thanksgiving meal.
Lanus and Aggie, becoming dear friends.
Morning after Thanksgiving Day breakfast is pie.
It was a lovely thanksgiving. And I know that I’m not giving a lot of details but I want to get this up or won’t happen ever. Next post will be Christmasy.