Monday, July 23, 2012

Little Updatish Sort of Post

It’s a very Monday sort of Monday. I’m not sure why but I’ve got very little motivation. It’s not even like we did anything besides go to church yesterday, yet, I’m just barely moving.

And I desperately need to blog. Life is rolling along here. It’s been so nice having Dot and LaMar here to see our world and life. Dot was over night the other night then spent all of Friday with me. I figured out where Melinda’s energy came from. We tackled the weed patch in the back corner and the lawn. Dot did most of it. Three days later and I’m still sore. I actually don’t even know why because Dot did most of the work. Maybe it’s from something else.

Friday night, Dot and I walked down to the church to see English classes in session. We pushed Havilah in the stroller and Jube rode his bike. We showed up way later than I anticipated and Dot missed the general assembly. I’m sorry Dot! I finally figured out why Jube was having such a slow time on his bike and thus why we were so slow. Last night when we went on a family walk I discovered that both of Jube’s tires were very FLAT. His training wheels were holding up his back tire. No wonder he was having a hard time. Even as we went on Friday night I was puzzled by Jube because he often can be way on ahead…So now I feel bad for Jube and Dot. Why didn’t I notice they were flat? Partially because he’s light enough that he doesn’t really “squish” it down when he sits on it. Now I’m a smarter mom though I guess.

I got really tired of trying to trying to get to Jube’s understanding the other day. I decided another form of discipline was in order for a while. Now he has a necklace with buttons on it. If he’s naughty I can take a button. This is devastating for him. The idea was a spin on an “Instruction for Righteousness,” idea. Yes, Mama, I dug that book out in desperation and have enjoyed all the scripture and how it can apply to child training. Thanks. Oh, and if he’s good he gets buttons. Sometimes he gets “just because I love you” buttons. So we’re happier around here again for a while, as long as I’m consistant.

On Thursday night last week we took LaMars to the Hideaway restaurant. It’s fun to take people there and watch them despair over what to get because the menu is so big. Dru and I hadn’t been there for a long time either. Maybe not since Havilah was tiny and we took Elijah and Brenda about a year ago. And then Brenda and I sat in the truck bed all the way home and talked a mile a minute. But that’s another memory.
I’m looking forward to Frank being here, not only to have her but to start studying. 

Can’t wait to hit the language study—I’m starting to feel frantic about how much I don’t know. You can be praying for that part of my life.

I’m tired and draggy a lot lately and not sure why. But you don’t need to hear those moanings here are now.

Have a happy day.