Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jube and His Cookie



I took this very good picture of Jube (if I may say so myself) and Dru said, “You, brat!” Which is what he says when I take a picture of Jube that he likes but I took rather than him. Nonetheless, he still found it necessary to edit for me. (I’m still deciding if I like it better this way or not.  I think it’s better.

Now, about the cookie. It’s this recipe…click through to the recipe, but we must give credit to Pinterest for finding it for me. Anyway, it’s a very nice cookie and I actually like it, but alas, it didn’t turn out as a roll out cookie for me. It ended up being a drop cookie that I spread out with my finger a bit before baking. I need to try the recipe again to see if it was me or the recipe that has problems. But anyway, anybody have a good recipe that rolls out and tastes good for the Christmas season?


  1. I like the unedited version better. (I just had to say that) ~GB

  2. Clark says the same thing when I take a good picture.

  3. I just made some good cut outs. From the basics and more cook book. I don't know what they taste like on the second day yet though. Let me know if you want the recipe. I put a little spearmint flavor and red coloring in some of them and made snakes and then twisted them into candy canes....really like those. Merry Christmas!