Friday, August 21, 2009


Dru and I went on a babymoon the other week. These are mostly zoo pics--the zoo came as part of the package at our motel. It was lovely to have all that time with my man and just plain relax. The lions were sufficiently fierce looking for my satisfaction. My smart man figured out how to pay the Thai price to see the panda bear family rather than the farong price because he read the Thai and whipped out our driver's licenses. We paid half of the price we would have otherwise. Papa panda bear was quite lazy. Mama panda bear disappeared very soon and we saw the baby on a TV screen. (He was in a human baby crib--the same brand as my baby's, but it was newer. I found this to be shocking.) The aquarium was very amazing and we took our time walking through. We didn't bother paying to see fake snow for 20 minutes at the snow dome because we know what real snow looks like and there was a very long line of people waiting to get in.

Other than "zooing" we went to the "other" mall which is bigger. And we ate out a couple times. And read books. And went swimming--the pool was about 10 steps out our back door. We found this to be very convenient and I hope nobody minds that we just hopped over the shrubs and rocks to get there rather than go around on the sidewalks. Oh, and we ate peanut butter, nutella, and cheese on crackers. We didn't watch any movies because we couldn't and I don't care a bit.

Sigh...what a lovely 3 days. All who are jealous say "I."


  1. I have a you and dru still fit on the motor bike toghether? :) I love when you nice to see you're doing good. God Bless you lots in the next few weeks!

  2. Yeah, we do--we better, we have to fit all three of us on there because we don't have a car. Nobody's sure what to think of the idea of having a baby on there yet, but that's what we have to get around in.

  3. "I"
    Glad you had a nice time :) Is Dru showing a little tummy growth too? :)
    Oh and when you see this RABBIT

  4. We enjoy hearing about you from your corner of the world. Yes, I love days like that with Ivan, but you are right...they are not the same when there are children at home. Esp now with cell phones...Ivan can't seem to relax that they are really probably ok! And so often it seems the parts of days that Ivan and I get off together, we are frantically shopping to keep us supplied for the next week! Ha! Right now with trying to finish the cabin things are a bit more hectic too! Well, I really should be out at the shop, the computer here needed an update, so plugged in the cell phone for that , and couldn't resist a peek at other it is a bit on the late side!! God bless you as you wait on your little one to show his face!! :-}