Thursday, August 20, 2009

His Wisdom...

This is just a snitch of a posting to say that I’m feeling blessed. I got to spend a lot of time this morning talking to my sisters, moms, and church sisters. I got to join the ladies' meeting. I got to have my heart tuned into them again. It was such a blessing. Thanks to each one of you for sharing, loving me, and praying for me.

They prayed for me as I want to be able to have the energy and health I needed to get stuff done before baby time. I realized tonight that the answer to both of those prayers just might be different than I thought they’d be—but that will be best anyway. For example: I had a whole bunch of food I needed processed and put in the freezer for meals for my man and I when the baby was here and I wasn’t always up to cooking. I was thinking hot dishes to pull out of the freezer. This afternoon I asked my man to help with the project. As usual, he was happy to help. He had a relatively “free” afternoon so spent half of it working on class prep for November and then gave me some time too. Everything hit the freezer like I wanted it to—but not in finished hot dish form. But it’s there, and I occurred to me that now my man is free to throw together whatever concoction he wants to and he’ll even enjoy it that way. So, why all the fretting?

They prayed for me and my frustrating ants. Dru came home with three different forms of ant killer. We had fun killing ants in the bathroom. Now I’m wondering if some of the ants that were bugging me in the kitchen were living behind the tile in the bathroom. I don’t know, but hey, we started on the project and I think if we keep after them consistently, we’ll be okay.

I’m very much feeling these days like I’ll be happy when the baby comes, but tonight I’m happy with him being in his little “hole” for another month. It’s my one last month with just me and my man until they’re all married and gone again. Long ways away, but from everything I hear, time flies and “they’re grown before you know it.”

God bless you all so much. Thanks again to those of you I got to hear again and see on webcam. Thanks Clark for adjusting the camera on that end so I could see faces better.

And here’s something to leave you all with. It’s been a huge blessing to read out of Proverbs the last couple of days. I’ve been reading the chapter with the day and making sure I don’t cheat and read the next day’s chapter…

Dear God,
I ask for wisdom. I confess that I am all weakness without You. I desire wisdom though it may bring shame to find what is true; wisdom when it hurts to understand and hard to obey.
I ask for wisdom to use the mind You have given me—for Your thoughts are higher than mine.
I ask for wisdom to live in the fear of You; to daily abide.
I ask for wisdom to walk humbly; yet wisdom that I might be a blessing.
I ask for wisdom for without it I am lost and am only folly and self-gratification.
I ask for wisdom so I can glorify You.
Wisdom: to live, to speak, to walk, to share, to be, to die. To glorify you.

And I guess that truly is where I’m at and what I need in my life right now. Thank God for His wisdom!

Once again, I had a collage of pictures to upload and the internet is bad... :(

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  1. It blessed us immensely as well, Lisl. I had to smile at how we connect with our missionaries today...thinking about Amy Carmichael's mom again, I guess. And I realize what a huge special gift/luxury this is.