Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Things

  • Yellow flowers that grow out of sidewalk cracks--picked especially for me by Dru
  • Homemade soap that smells so nice that I don't want to use it because then it will be gone and I won't have it anymore

  • Clean dishes
  • My husband
  • Dead ants
  • Baby kicks
  • Ultrasounds
  • A baby blanket from both of my moms

  • Cards and letters from home
  • Rain in the forecast
  • Cardboard boxes (I always don't have one when I want one, and Daddy sent a nice big one, now I don't need it but it's in my storage closet.)
  • Applepie spice and cloves
  • Pancakes that my man liked so well that I wrote down my recipe
  • A Giraffe mug found at a garage sale
  • Beginning to be able to read Thai on road signs
  • Moist oatmeal cookies and brownies that I didn't flop or burn


  1. Those are happy things! Love you!

  2. Nice list. I'm so glad you got that blanket. I would hand wash it in baby laundry soap (Dreft) before using it. It can't be overly clean...all the places it's been already.