Monday, January 21, 2013

Spacey Yet Present

At least I'm not depressed like I was last week. I think I must have an allergy to this time of year or something. Headaches all day. But it doesn't matter. I'm still alive and God is still good.

The children are taking a late nap. I need to go throw supper together here in a bit. My neighbor man just handed me a large handful of long green beans. I'm going to throw them into the supper pot. I'm looking forward to them.

Dru's busy busy these days. People ask us how we're doing. Yes, having Dru this busy has not been without its challenges. We had a little bit of a crisis point about a week ago, but I've got a good man. He was able to sit back, evaluate, and take the steps to fix things. We're still working on getting a speaker into my kitchen from the den where the computer. Yes, that does have something to do with the subject at hand.

You see, I've discovered that I'm starved for input, sermons, other people to speak into my life. But it doesn't happen at church on Sunday mornings because this woman has two children and her husband preaches in a foreign language every Sunday. Trying to concentrate on his preaching is hard because my language level isn't quite that high. If I had no children to bounce, whisper to, run after, etc. during the service, then I would get a sermon too. But I don't. I could go into the details of how terrible Sunday mornings really are for me sometimes but that wouldn't be overly edifying for any of us. It's something I'm working on my attitude about. And this Sunday was a whole lot better than two Sundays ago. I'm learning what needs to be normal for me, and be okay with it. But I still long for a sermon now and then.

So we'd like to figure out how to get a speaker into the kitchen so that I can listen to an audio Bible, sermons, etc. while I do dishes and just generally live. This project will happen when Dru finds the time. I know that he is thinking about it and making an effort towards it.

For those of you who wonder, the man I have is very busy these days because he's a University student. His first semester was very low key and easy. Alas, this one is not. Today he was studying and he said, "This is actually work." He was learning something he didn't know before and it involved memorization. Dru likes to learn. Memorization, however, doesn't come easily. The homework load is significantly increased when compared to last semester. We find ourselves very involved in the work of the beginnings of a tiny Thai fellowship. This finds us in a once a week Bible Study in our home, and Dru preaching every Sunday morning. Along with this comes the meetings with fellow worker, Duff Browne, on a weekly basis. And the dear man is a husband and father as well. He recently made the commitment to spend his first hours at home after school with the family. Last week, although hard, was at least hopeful again, for this woman.

I'm extremely proud of my man. I've got a long ways to go before I deserve him. I am not a good missionary. I find myself resenting my lot in life at times. However, in truth, I love my life. I'd marry Dru all over again if it were something one "did over again." Only I'd do it faster this time. That's what I tell him. So it's not all easy-peasy. We're hanging in there. Sometimes it feels like all we're doing is just barely hanging in there. This will pass. Dru has a nearly three month break from school, starting the beginning of March. Can't wait!

So, now you know how to pray. We'll send out a news letter...when Dru has time. I actually wrote it, but he's still working on the fine tuning. But he's truly strapped for time. And now I have to go make supper. Blessings to you all.


  1. Thanks for the update, Lisl. Thank God for His provision in our children's lives: sermons, encouragements, prayers, and even blogging.

  2. I like to read your posts, Lisl. What a coincidence that I was reading your post and your newsletter comes in on e-mail! :)
    Hang in there! Sometimes I feel like I don't get much out of the Sunday morning sermons either, and they're in English. Take Care.