Monday, August 22, 2011

A Note to My Son

Dearest Jubilant,

Next time you want to give your teddy bear a shower, please ask Mommy first.

How did you know that it was expedient for you to behave on the day that I was all geared up for several tedious training sessions?

My sweeper hose extension has been missing for months. Do you have any idea where you put it?

Although you like peanut butter and jelly "nammiches," there are other foods more healthy. And I'm not talking about muffins.

Where are my keys? Did you leave them out on the motorbike? Oh, and generally, people don't carry keys in their pampers. (Excuse me, disposable diapers).

By the way, you're too little to drive the motorbike yet.

I love you, little boy. You're growing up way to fast.

Love, Your Mother


  1. PS You didn't take that snail outside like I told you to. I found it creeping along under my chair just now.

  2. I just found my keys after my son hid them....they do it when they get older too!