Friday, December 11, 2009

My Christmas Baby...

Today, Dru and I put up the the Christmas decorations. Mae Wahn came up and watched and helped. Tonight while Dru was gone, I was taking care of my sleepy baby and looking at my lights. My Nebraska puzzle had fallen out while I was arranging the living room shelf and I was trying to put that together between talking to my baby and feeding him. And I had to think of Christmas a year ago...

A year ago right now I was ready. I wanted a baby. Dru and I would occasionally wonder if we should be worried that something was wrong. We'd wonder how long we should wait until we decided to do some investigation. But at the same time we knew that it was okay. The Lord's keeping His blessing of a child from us was a blessing in its self so far. His timing would be perfect.
Right around Christmas time I found myself seriously thinking of how wonderful it would be to have and hold my own baby. I was also somewhat lonely. So one day, in my quiet time, I prayed about it. I just told God that I was ready now and I really wanted a baby. Even as I asked I had that peace in my heart that God had heard. It was amazing and hopeful. I didn't tell Dru about that experience though, not right away. It was something at was too special and close to me yet to tell about it. I just "pondered these things in my heart."

Then around the middle of January, I found I wasn't feeling well at all and I simply couldn't understand it. We were doing a home stay with Pastor Kiat's family that week and the rice I usually ate fine threatened to come back up in the mornings. Saturday morning after we were home, I did a pregnancy test. Sure enough, I was pregnant.

After doing the math, it seemed highly probable that the baby had been conceived very nearly at or around Christmas time. It was very special for me to realize that my baby came as an answer to my prayers. God heard and cared and loved me.

So Jubilant is my Christmas baby. I'm so thankful for the little family God has given me. He is good and faithful and His timing is perfect. Had Jubilant came along much sooner it could have been quite stressful with everything that was going on in our lives at that time. But now, now it's perfect. So although we're away from family once again this year for Christmas--we're truly our own family now, and I'm so thankful and happy, and, well, proud of my little, happy, healthy family, with our ownty-donty little traditions. God is good! And Jubilant IS a blessing from the Lord!


  1. very sweet story! thanks for sharing...and yes, God's timing is always right, even when it can seem like it's not. ~Sharon

  2. She looks mighty pleased with herself!! Tell Mae Wahn hello for me again.

  3. Hold on to being Thankful and God is good. Love, Amy

  4. It is nice to hear this story, thank you for sharing it. Love you lots, Amber

  5. I wanna cry...that is a neat story! Love you lots dear!!

  6. Thanks for sharing your precious little store!! We love you 3 verey much! God bless you.