Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thoughts and Teapots

Hans Mast, the famous person himself, brought me six boxes of mint tea. Now he is my hero too. But I didn’t start this post to talk about Hans Mast. It’s about tea. Since being over here I haven’t really had real live mint tea. I’ve had mint flavored black tea which just isn’t the same at all. So when Hans asked Dru if he could bring anything over I ordered up some tea. I wasn’t really expecting six lovely boxes of it but here it is and I’m not complaining.

I miss my tea pots and cups back in the mini barn in Wisconsin. When my sister, Frank, along with some friends hosted a tea party at my mom’s house a while ago, I told them to go out and get my tea things and use them. I really don’t want them hauled over here because they might break and that would make me sad. So if my mom and sisters pull my things out to use every now and then so they don’t get lonely, it will make it okay.

I wonder if my little sister-in-law realized that she was using the tea cup I got from my step-great-aunt Ruthie Schrock for my graduation present.

Around the time I turned sixteen I was at a hockey game and couldn’t figure out why Mom wanted me to come home so bad. But I came. Here she had bought me my birthday present of a tea pot and four cup and saucers. They aren’t china, but they’re me, and I suppose that set is what I miss most. They will be facing a long cold winter alone in the mini barn.

There was one set they couldn’t seem to find. It was a tea for one set—the one I got from Shilah when I was in Idaho teaching school. I guess that would have been for my twentieth birthday. That one is also a beautiful set. I wonder where it is—probably in a bin somewhere.

Pastor Kiat came over and drank tea this morning out of my set from Fern. It is a different sort of tea set. In fact, I had it displayed on the top of my cabinets for a long time and this is the first time it was actually in use. I had Dru crawl up and get it for me and now it is down where I can put it to use. So if you come to my house I will serve you tea from an orange and green tea pot.

Shouldn’t every woman have a tea pot in use? Maybe when I get big I will have a tea kettle too, but not today. I will just boil water in a regular kettle and pour it into the tea pot. That will work for now.

All my pots and cups have stories. I didn’t show you the two tea cups from Pastor Kiat and Mae Pahn (his wife) either. When I am old and grey, I wonder how many stories I will have to tell. I suppose not all of my tea set stories will be happy ones. There will be bitter-sweet memories and maybe even sad ones. But that’s okay. Life is like that.

Oh, and not all of my tea is going to be made to hot tea. I’m enjoying iced tea. Thailand is a warm country most of the time, so I like drinking my tea cold for now.


  1. Dear Lisl,
    I enjoyed your tea tales. Have many teas throughout your life. If you can have tea; you can pray and endure and be happy.

  2. Lisl, Isn't it funny what you think of packed away in storage sheds when you are far away... I had the same experience in Chile. Wondering about that great big chunky crock I missed... I admire how you are enjoying the teapots and cups by memory anyway. The one you have there is pretty too. Love you, Shilah

  3. aaah!
    Enjoy your mint tea!! You should try growing your own. (We did in Guatemala.)