Thursday, January 23, 2014

Little Update

Right now the children are out playing with Lucy. Lucy, if I haven’t said already, is a dog belonging to friends who are unable to keep her right now. We will have to give her back as soon as they are able to move into their next residence—one more suitable to pets. For now, the children are falling in love with Lucy and I pointed out to Dru the other day that Jube hasn’t played with snails since Lucy came. Havilah, though terrified for the first week, is no longer scared at all and goes out on her own to play with Lucy. Both children play outside a lot more these days. Once we get back from the States in about 8 to 10 months, we’ll have to get our own pet. Not sure what that will be because we aren’t sure where we’ll be living at that point.

I don’t relish the thought of moving. We love it here. I’ve come to peace again about living in an old house. The hardwood flooring does come up in places, the bathrooms are hard to clean, and the windows old and cantankerous. But this has been home—the only home either one of my children remember. However, there are ministry reasons for which we may be moving back over to the other side of town. If we do move, I hope for a much smaller house, easy to clean, and easier maintenance. Perhaps that’s only because I’m lazy. What I’m telling myself and other people though is that I’d like  smaller house because I want to be able to put more time in to ministry and language study. Homeschooling my babies in earnest will be starting soon. Jube needs to learn to read. Jube needs to study Thai. Less house upkeep with give more time for these things.

Both of my children can speak and understand some Thai. The communicate well enough with Mae Wahn. However, it’s not where it should be and I’m a little worried about our sabbatical time in the States. How much will they lose? I’ve decided that I’m going to start digging out Thai movies for them. Movies that we’ve watched in English and enjoy as a family. Have them watch these in Thai. This will be good especially for Jube. We can do this even in Wisconsin, if I can be on the ball and remember to pack what we’ve got. Jube is going to fuss some, he’d rather watch in English, but it’s okay. I also want to prep some kind of flash cards and games before we leave, so I have something to take back with us to study. I really want us all to be speaking fluent Thai one day. Myself included. This is home. These are our people. This is our language. 

Hubby dear is up to his nose in homework. I’m so thankful for a good man who is still present with us when he has to work so hard. He’s staying on top just barely and he really is still happy. So, although snowed under, he’s weathering the blizzard well, so we all are. I am so proud of him. Keep him in your prayers. He’s got about six weeks of hard work ahead of him. Then we will all praise the Lord that most of it’s over and that we lived through it. Pray specifically for those 2 big research projects.

Now my children are inside and so I’m going to get up and get some work done. Have a happy day.


  1. I would love to be up to my nose in homework. I'd live to be able to see even my eyebrows. You said something about my bald spot this morning, so I suppose I'm not yet in over my head.

    You write nice blogs.

  2. dear Lisl, I agree with Dru. You write nice blogs. I enjoy keeping up with your lives on here. Miss you guys!