Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Of Life In General

I am trying to understand how I can feed my children breakfast and one hour later they think they’re hungry. So I gave them an apple. I think Jube might have finished it. Really, I think they’re bored. Yesterday Jube was asking me to come play with him. I had visions of what my Mom would have said if we had asked her to come play when she was in the middle of her work day. She has this philosophy that children should be able to entertain themselves. I would actually agree with this. So, how do you un—bored children?

Jube needs school work. How often have I said that? I think it’s going to wait until I can get back to the states and order it myself.


Havilah needs to understand that whining and pouting will not get her the attention she’s after. She looks and acts like her aunt Emilee. Did I spell that right? She teases like her, with that twinkle in her eyes. I used to get this weird feeling when Havilah was younger, that somehow she was really my mother-in-law’s child. Havilah also looks a lot like Miriam. I’m not sure how this is, but she doesn’t look like me. Right now she’s asking for a nap. Make that whining. Who ever heard of a child that likes naps? One thing is certain, that although I did something WRONG with training Jube to nap, I got it right with her.


They both need to figure out how to play nicely together. Jube is at least trying this morning. I think what the problem actually is is that they partied late into the night in their own room last night. Even after we had our light off, I went in to discover that they were still awake. Jube doesn’t need a lot of sleep but Havilah is quite grouchy.


Dru is busy. Not only that, he’s busy. On top of being very busy. I am trying to be okay with this but find that my attitude is beginning to slip up on me. He’s talking about 7 classes again next semester. He tells me that with two of the classes basically being research projects on his own time, then it won’t be so intense. I’m not easily convinced. We’ll see what happens.


Looks like Chiang Mai will be home for a bit longer than we had originally expected. We’re tentatively planning to stay on here to be leading up church planting. (Did I say this before?) We’re not really sure at this point what all of this means. It’s one step at a time from here on out. We make goals and plans and I’m beginning to think that it’s a dumb thing to do. So far, living here, nothing has ever happened the way it was planned. I always worry that people will think we lied to them. I think next time we go through the states, funding raising and visiting churches, we need to tell them that we really don’t know what we’re going to be doing, we just know we need prayers and money for it. Especially the prayers part.


Dru is out of school for three weeks in October. During that time we hope to get away as a family or couple or both and do some praying and talking “planning.” Mostly it’s about getting on the same page as each other and seek the Lord.


To be really honest, I’m starting to fray at the seams. When Jube gets fussy, I take him on my lap and we count blessings. Here goes.


Jube is happily playing with his barn and all the animals. I told him he needed an ark, not a barn, with the assortment of animals he has. He was also singing, “Sunshine and Roses,” his own version, of course. Now that Havilah is napping, he can play in peace. I’m happy with him for this.


The children have both taken an interest in singing and Jube is now able to carry a tune. Took him a while.


This week I’ve taken to spending Bible story, prayer, and verse time each morning with the kids. They like it and I do to. Yes, I should have been doing this earlier.


I think I might actually get most of the laundry through today. It’s been a battle the last week or two. Lots of rain and when the air is so damp it’s hard to get them dry, even inside.


Charlie and Lola. My children love them. Look it up. So far, it’s been clean and safe. There is one Halloween story, or is it two, that we avoid. Not because it’s scary, but because we feel that Halloween is a glorification of evil and we don’t want anything to do with it. Although there has been snatches of evolution, those are teachable moments for us. I’d love to get my hands on the original story books one day.


When I was a little girl, I remember Grandma Ruth letting us help her make hot pads. It was easier in those days. Grandma did the hard work. But I had fun one day making these. They aren’t perfect, but I think they’re pretty. I have one more set to make and then I’m going to pitch the old ones altogether.


I’m not sure which aunt or uncle was involved in sending Jube his dragon. He loves it. It goes to bed with him and he plays with it throughout the day—unless he happens to be lazy and has an accident and doesn’t get to the potty… This, is very sad. And quite effective. Today the dragon is on the shelf in my room because when he was romping with Havilah before he went to sleep last night, he really had to poo…and he tried to hold it in…and I won’t give you all the details. But he is being very careful today so he can have it back to go to bed tonight. So thankful for this incentive.  (Since when is that spelled with a c?) I did have to fix the dragon’s wings. For the longest time the shimmery right wing was ripped. I found fabric at the market and fixed it. Jube was very tickled. I was afraid he would be unhappy because it wasn’t exactly the same as before.


Dru and I got to go to IGo chapel for church last Sunday. It was nice, but also felt a little weird. I felt out of place. But Collier preached a good sermon about—well, was it faith our casting down imaginations? I’m on a faith journey right now, so that’s where it struck me.


I told Jube he needed to send his airplane driver to jail for driving carelessly through his barnyard. I see that Jube put him his empty apple bowl. About the time that I worry he doesn’t have the imagination necessary to play with toys like other normal children, then he gets creative. There is Lego on the floor now too. He’s such a book worm, artist kind of kid, he can be hard to keep happy sometimes.


So, those are my blessings, actually only a few of them. And now I have a question.


Over the past year I have discovered that I have a lot of interests outside of raising a family. I love my man and children dearly, and they’ll always come first. Yet, what do I do with my interest in wanting to learn to truly cook, wanting a medical degree of some sort, archeology, teaching, and creating beauty on a larger scale? Did I mention all of them?  I know that some of these things will happen even as I have my children. I can’t wait until Havilah is old enough to talk about pretty with. Jube and I made brownies together—me trying to help him do most of it—maybe he’ll be the chef?


You know, when it comes right down to it, I don’t feel like the worlds best missionary. But I know that the Lord is at work in me and it’s been good to grow and be regrounded lately. (Regrounded is a word, I just made it.) I was such an innocent school girl when I got married. I wasn’t naive, not with the mother God gave me. For this I am very thankful. Now though, I keep seeing how big and wicked this world really is, and I can get scared if I think too hard. But then I come around to remember that the promises of God will stand forever, regardless of what else happens. God will still be who He says is—and I can still live in victory, because of Him. And He will continue, and finish His work in me, regardless—He’s just that good.


  1. I"m trying to figure out why you worry about Jube having a good enough imagination. And why you're worried about school books. Do you have a printer? You can print out a whole curriculum for free if you need to bad enough. Sometimes learning to finish a page that's boring is a good school activity....just learning to stick to it and get something done. He looks like to me like you're doing a very good job. And actually Havilah looks well loved and cared for too. I wonder what I could find for incentive the same as Jube's dragon.
    I worry too about that I'm not a good missionary wife too. My husband is out everyday with people hearing so many ills and praying with people all the time. And here I sit at home doing dishes again and teaching school and cleaning dirty diapers. And I think there should be more purpose in my life or I should be out developing relationships and encouraging other people. I ask myself over and over what I should do. But God told me that it's alright...it's my time for here with my kids right now. God bless you with your mission there too.
    It was good seeing you blogged again. I've been wondering how you're doing.

  2. Ok, I just love your posts, somehow they always remind me of myself, n that's comforting cause I know I'm not alone in this mommy/ wife/outside interests/ potty problem/ bored children/ busy busy hubby n my slipping attitude problems. God bless you richly in all your areas of ministering. ~Jan

  3. Between not having a printer that needs fixed and knowing what I want, I'm good with waiting for now. As far as the imagination thing, he gets bored with toys, and he doesn't like to play outside much. It can be hard to help him figure out how to occupy himself sometimes.

  4. I mean, the printer does need fixed.

  5. ok, this can take a lot of stamina and patience on the mom's part, but letting them help you do stuff is an amazing way to occupy children...and the benefits down the road are also great. The pluses are they are with you (they like that), they are learning responsibility and how to work...and that work can be fun. :-) I think your struggles are the same with moms everywhere...
    praying for you!

  6. So good to hear from you again Lisl!!! I like your hot pads, they are pretty. I'm praying for you.