Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dreams from the Bean Bag

So, I’ve been reading home decorating blogs. Lots of pretty whites…I love whites, and antique sort of things that I like as well. The sorts of things that you go to thrift stores to buy. Cheap. Then you “make it over” how ever you like it. I’d love to do that stuff.

It occurred to me just now that I don’t have one single corner in my home that I truly am happy with. None that I glory in. I would be truly happy for inspiration for my kitchen. Right now it is purely utilitarian. Not even overly utilitarian sometimes. Dru says it this way, “What do you do when you want to use the stove top and you have the clean dishes stacked on it?” And for the life of him he can not figure out where I keep some things. It should get easy for him though—he’s been doing a lot of dishes lately.

My bedroom is greatly saddening for me right now. It’s all one color. When we were buying paint we were kind of on a budget so most of the house is painted in a warm cream color. But in the bedroom it looks very close to yellow, and the curtains, which are a brownish gold color, are way to close to that same color. But why does it matter? I can’t even keep my bed fixed anymore.

I have some projects in mind: Decorate kitchen. Make curtains for bedroom. Make curtains for both bathrooms. Recover hideous high chair. Recover cushions on the dreadful heavy wooden furniture. Do something in Jube’s bedroom. I’d also like to paint my dining room furniture white…but I think the land lady would kick us out. Oh, curtains for the dining room too. All the curtains are the same color in this house.

Anyway, I do a lot of dreaming. Not only about my house, but what I’d like to do when I get big. Someday I want to have a little hobby farm and grow my own veggies and animals. A pig or two, a cow or two, chickens, make my own butter, grow my own Thanksgiving Turkey, smoke my own ham…that sort of thing. But alas, my little tiny flower bed STILL isn’t planted. And I wanted flowers by Christmas.

Someday, I will be super woman. Right now the laundry that my husband hung on the line needs to be taken down. He hung it there yesterday. I said one night on the line was enough. I guess having both of my Thai classes this week is about as super as I’m going to get—for a while.

So I guess I’ll lay here on this under-stuffed, green bean bag for the next couple of months and dream. I might not even get my scrapbooking done. Or my comforters pieced. Or the high chair recovered…etc. I’ll just lay here and be miserable. The baby will be here June-ish or so. I might leave the bean bag before that once or twice—to use the bathroom or something. Until then, I will be here in my nausea, just dreaming. Miserable. But over all, happy. I really am happy.


  1. Goodness, I would HOPE that land lady would kick you out if you fall for that travesty of smearing "white" all over perfectly good finished furniture. I've been seeing it too, and it feels really bad to me. Do you have any idea how much work it will be for my grandchildren to get that stuff off when the fad fades?!!

  2. Dear Mother,
    The finish on this table is much scratched, peeling and over all, dreadful. I think the table would feel more dignified if it were painted. As for fads, which generation aught to dance around the other?

  3. Great writing Lisl and Congratulations. I do hope you'll be able to leave that bean bag more then twice!! You do have my sympathy with the feeling yuck, even tho it has been a few years I haven't forgotten.

  4. Oh my, I loved the way you announced this! :-) So happy for you and congratulations!

  5. Hi Silly. I bet you'll be super women before you know it. It's this lady who hasn't got it figured out. Happy as can be about baby #2!!!

  6. Congrats, lady friend! :) If I had tons of money and nothing to do, I could come do your work for you while you sit on your bean bag...but alas, neither of those is true at this time! Hope it all goes well for you!

  7. Congratulations! I thought it was funny that you were expecting flowers for Christmas. :) I guess I'm still not adjusted to your climate! :) I'm praying for you. Love to all!